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Together, our greatest purpose is to develop and promote a real relationship with Jesus and with each other, seeking His kingdom and righteousness first and serving Him and one another in love. We believe Jesus is transforming us to be more and more like Him. It’s a daily, ongoing process to fully submit to His plans for our lives, our cities and our Nation, submitting to His desire to help us grow in love, honor, trust and joy. Our growth is developed through the Holy Spirit’s work in us, the Word, truthful prayer, fervent worship, and our interactions with one another - walking together, celebrating life together, and loving each other deeply.


We don’t have an agenda, a method or even a key to success as a church. We simply have one resolve: 

To Experience God and do His will.



Whether it's at our Somerville location or at our homes, we love gathering together to honor and lift up the name of Jesus. All are welcome in this amazing part of God’s family - no matter where they are from! We are committed to love, help, and serve everyone, believing God has given every person a gift to further His Kingdom and build each other up in faith.

Jesus é a Resposta - Marcos Augusto (Guto)

Jesus é a Resposta - Marcos Augusto (Guto)


Listen to last Sunday's message again, or revisit a message or teaching that spoke to your heart. 

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